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Air sterilizer Purgonizer

The most efficient air stereliser on the market!

  • Unique technologytested and validated by the Pasteur Institute 2 Plasma torches to create ion clusters
    that oxidize all types of germs (exclusive Korean process
  • 99.99% effective against viruses in 1244 seconds​

  • Destroyed: viruses, bacteria, fungi (but also allergens, odours & air pollutants)

  • Can operate day and night (even in the presence of medical staff) 

  • Zero maintenance

  • 3250$ + taxes 

  • 10% discount with the purchase of an extra-oral vacuum cleaner

  • Available from June 1st


Product characteristics :

Quiet and economical, this autonomous device is capable of protecting your practice with a surface area of 40 to 150m2, to offer you effective sanitary protection on a daily basis. With its soft forms and its pure design, this product integrates perfectly into its environment. It also has a probe with indicator 3-colour pollution indicator, to inform you in real time about the air quality of your space. It can be fixed to the wall and does not require heavy installation. It also has a deodorizing function.



  • Height : 58 cm x Width : 24 cm x Depth : 16 cm
  • Weight: 11 kilograms
  • Power supply: 220 - 240 VAC - 50 Hz
  • Economic consumption: 40 Wh
  • Adjustable speed: 120 to 200 m3/hour
  • Very quiet: 37 to 47 DB maximum
  • Continuous use = 20,000 hours (3 years)
  • Autonomous operation (without human intervention)


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