Eric Chatelain D.M.D


Chair side coaching in Implant dentistry, in your office

Dr Eric Chatelain is an expert in implantology and bone graftingest. Here is his formation :

  • 1998: Montreal University
  • 1999: JGH General residency Montreal
  • 2000: JGH trainer for dentists residents, Montreal
  • 2002: Canadian Implant Institute
  • 2002: Detroit Misch Institute «Complexe bone grafting»
  • 2003: Académie St-Pierre
  • 2006: Misch Institute «Tissue management»
  • 2008: New Orleans PRP, Anatomy and periodontics
  • 2010: Misch Institute «Prosthetics on implants»
  • 2012: Esthetics soft tissue surgery/Biohorizon, Allogenous guided bone grafting /Dr Steigmann
  • 2013: Immediate placement in molar region/Southern Implant, Clinical Diagnosis-Surgical Phase therapy/ Misch Int Institute
  • 2015: Vertical bone grafting Dr Marco Ronda (Italy)

Main achievements

  • Founder of Quebec Dental Implant Society
  • Fellow of International Congress of Oral Implantology
  • Practice only in Implant dentistry and bone grafting sine 2003
  • 5 Study group in Quebec and Ontario
  • Advanced training for dentist in Implant and bone grafting
  • Network of more than 150 referring professionals
  • Have done more than 2000 bone graft
  • Placed about 20 000 implants
  • Reached more that 10 000h in implant dentistry and bone grafting


Need a coaching in implantology ? Here are the main services given by Dr Chatelain: :

  • Chair side coaching, in your office, in implant and bone grafting surgery for beginners and advanced implantologist
  • Bone grafting technique: soft brushing, fast system, bone membrane, tenting technique, subperiostal , etc.
  • PRF/PRP technique for bone and tissue grafts
  • Dr Chatelain will transfer you his tips and tricks acquired this past 20 years to make a difference and to avoid mistakes
  • Hands on coaching, one on one, helps you understand and apply immediately what you learn and technique you want to improve.


  • 2500$ half day
  • 4000$ full day
  • Transportation cost and accommodation may apply
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