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The first book devoted exclusively to the subject, Platelet Rich Fibrin in Regenerative Dentistry offers comprehensive, evidence-based coverage of the biological basis and clinical applications of PRF in dentistry. Co-edited by a leading researcher in tissue regeneration and the inventor of the PRF technique, it brings together original contributions from expert international researchers and clinicians.

Chapters cover the biological foundation of PRF before addressing specific uses of the technology within clinical dentistry. Topics cover the use of PRF in many dental applications, including extraction socket management, sinus lifting procedures, root coverage, periodontal regeneration, soft tissue healing around implants, guided bone regeneration, and facial esthetics. The text is supplemented with full-color photographs and explanatory illustrations throughout.

Platelet Rich Fibrin in Regenerative Dentistry: Biological Background and Clinical Indications is an indispensable professional resource for periodontists, oral surgeons, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons as well as general dentists who use PRF or are interested in introducing it into their practices. It is also an excellent reference for undergraduate and postgraduate dental students.

About the Editors
Richard J. Miron, DDS, BMSC, MSc, PhD, dr. med. dent. is an Adjunct Faculty and Group Leader of the Miron Lab at the Department of Periodontology, Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA.

Joseph Choukroun, MD is the inventor of the Platelet Rich Fibrin technique and Director of the Pain Clinic, Nice, France.

Chapter 1: Platelet Rich Fibrin: A 2nd generation platelet concentrate
Joseph Choukroun, Richard J Miron

Chapter 2: Biological Components of Platelet Rich Fibrin: Growth Factor Release and Cellular Activity
Masako Fujioka-Kobayashi, Richard J Miron

Chapter 3: Introducing the Low-Speed Centrifugation Concept
Joseph Choukroun, Shahram Ghanaati

Chapter 4: Uses of Platelet Rich Fibrin in Regenerative Dentistry: an Overview
Richard J Miron, Giovanni Zucchelli, Joseph Choukroun

Chapter 5: Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin for the Management of Extraction Sockets: Biological Basis and Clinical Relevance
Richard J Miron, Jonathan du Toit

Chapter 6: Maxillary Sinus Floor Elevation in the Atrophic Posterior Maxillae: Anatomy, Principles, Techniques, Outcomes and Complications
Alberto Monje, Hom-Lay Wang, Richard J Miron

Chapter 7: Maxillary Sinus Floor Elevation Procedures with Platelet Rich Fibrin: Indications and Clinical Recommendations
Richard J Miron, Michael A Pikos, Hom-Lay Wang

Chapter 8: Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin for the treatment of muco-gingival recessions: Novel Improvements in Plastic Esthetic Surgery utilizing The Fibrin Assisted Soft Tissue Promotion (FASTP) Technique
Alexandre-Amir Aalam, Alina Krivitsky Aalam

Chapter 9: Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin for Periodontal Regeneration/Repair of Intrabony and Furcation Defects
Richard J Miron, Brian L Mealey, Hom-Lay Wang

Chapter 10: Platelet Rich Fibrin as an Adjunct to Implant Dentistry
Howard Gluckman

Chapter 11: Guided Bone Regeneration with Platelet Rich Fibrin
Richard J Miron, Michael A Pikos, Yufeng Zhang, Tobias Fretwurst

Chapter 12: Modern Approach to Full Arch Immediate Loading: The Simonpieri Technique with PRF and i-PRF
Alain Simonpieri

Chapter 13: Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin in Facial Esthetics and Rejuvenation
Cleopatra Nacopoulos

Chapter 14: Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin in Other Areas of Medicine
Richard J Miron, Joseph Choukroun

Chapter 15: Future Research with Platelet Rich Fibrin
Richard J Miron, Joseph Choukroun

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