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PRF is obtained by centrifuging whole blood without any additives and without anticoagulant. PRF spontaneously forms a fibrin matrix gelatinous clot, that confines growth factors (FGF, ECGF, IGF-1) secretion to the clothing site. Fluid Platelet Rich Fibrin or PRF stimulates greater dermal skin fibroblast cell migration, proliferation, and collagen synthesis.

  • Pure collagen 
  • Hair restoration 
  • Deflated cheeks 
  • Rejuvenates skin 
  • No risk of allergy 
  • Safe and effective on all skin types
  • Fast and simple protocols
  • Cosmetic volume
  • Undereye hollows
  • Reduce facial folds
  • Replenishes healthy tissue, collagen and blood vessels
  • Fast recovery

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