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PRF is obtained by centrifuging whole blood without any additives and any anticoagulant. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin biomaterial that acts as a binding site for both platelets and growth factors (PDGF, TGF, ICF, VEGF). Through increasing the local concentration of growth factors at specific tissues, PRF promotes tissue regeneration.  The ultimate result is a healing matrix that possesses unique mechanical properties.


The promise of PRF is not limited to muscle injuries and recent studies reveals its ability to promote bone healing and regeneration when applied with several grafting materials. The I-PRF+ (PRF liquid) offers hope to aid both bone and muscle regeneration following serious trauma-induced injuries.

  • Orthopaedics and sport injuries 
  • Rotator cuff repair                             
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Oral and maxilla-surgery

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