Toronto October 1, 2023

PRF COURSE AND OSTEOIMMUNOLOGY   - Toronto October 2023                     

The use of blood growth factors and PRF are today linked to scientific evidence: Their healing action on soft tissues and stimulating bone growth are widely documented in the literature.


However, centrifugation protocols and their clinical applications need continuous improvement with regard to scientific innovations that are published over the years. Low-speed centrifugation today has proven itself in the clinic. But much progress has been made in several areas.

  1. The decrease in blood temperature makes it possible to significantly improve the quantity of fibrin obtained following this centrifugation: This is the PomPac innovation.

  2. PomCol prevents clotting in the blood sampler’s tubing and therefore improves blood flow during blood collection.


  3. The Sticky Bone: Technique that allows obtaining a glued bone with two immediate consequences:

  • Improve the speed of osseointegration at the same time as extremely easier and faster handling. Several sticky bone protocols are available and allow it to be prepared in different ways in order to adapt to the current surgical indication.
  • Alveolus filling, vertical or horizontal bone augmentation, bone apposition during immediate loading. All these protocols will be detailed and presented.

Finally, osteoimmunology has come in recent years to profoundly modify knowledge of bone metabolism and osseointegration:

  • Bone growth and long-term bone stability are dependent on the immune system.
  • Fibrointegration is the consequence of an inflammatory reaction that has lasted too long.
  • Hence the importance of Vitamin D and pre- and post-operative immune supplementation.

Program of the day :

PRF Platelet rich fibrin: Definition, Method of preparation, Clinical protocols Sticky Bone. From version 01 to version 04. Preparation. Choice of the method according to the indications.

Clinical indications : Extractions, mucogingival surgery. Bone grafts and Periodontics.

Osteoimmynology: The role of the immune system in bone metabolism and osseointegration. Role of gingival immunity in the genesis of peri-implantitis.

Oxidative stress: Definition and mechanism. Deleterious effects on bone. Applications of new protocols: Antibiotic therapy, immune supplementation, Vit D and Cholesterol.

Surgical protocols : Role of bone pressure and soft tissue tension in surgical failure: Mechanism and solutions. Value of proper suturing techniques to increase soft tissue thickness.

Conclusion : Le Over Concept : Ensure success. Make the results of surgery more predictable and reproducible. 

Practical work: Venous punctures presentation and preparation of liquid and solid PRF. Hands on Soft Brushing technique. Apical mattress sutures. Preparation of sticky bone.

Availabilities: 1. Start date: 2023-10-01 08:30 | End date: 2023-10-01 17:00

Cost: 795.00$ + tx

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