Joseph Choukroun, MD

Dr. Choukroun studied medicine in Montpellier, spent five years as a surgeon, then as an anesthesiologist, then as a pain specialist. With the help of Dr. Schleicher, he proposed the first PRF protocol. In 2003, he organized the first SYFAC. He is a tireless lecturer throughout the world and the author of numerous articles in the most prestigious journals.


  • Diploma: Medicine 1979. University of Montpellier, France 
  • Anestesiology 1981. University of Montpellier, France
  • Study of Management of Pain 1986. University of Strasbourg, France 
  • Chief of Staff: Pain therapy Center, Nice, FRANCE 
  • Inventor of the PRF® technique. “Platelet Rich Fibrin” (autologous platelet growths factors) 
  • President of the Syfac congress: International Symposium on Growth Factors

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Course PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin
Joseph Choukroun
Type: On-line
Language: EN-FR
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Description COURSE PRF. Platelet Rich Fibrin PLAN DU COURS PRF: Définition, mode d’action, protocoles. In the field of wound healing, PRF has attracted increasing interest among dental surgeons since its publication in 2001...


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